For Real Estate Investors


2024 Tax, Legal, & Wealth Summit 
For Real Estate Investors

Presented By Hall CPA & Tax Smart Investors

 May 17-19, 2024

Free 3-Day Virtual Event

Discover How The 1% Use Real Estate To Build "Tax Free" Wealth...EVEN if You Have No Idea How to Read The Tax Code!

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Learn Powerful tax, legal, and wealth strategies from Top industry experts.

 How The 1% Use The Tax Code to Build “Tax-Free” Wealth

 How To Legally Reduce Taxes on W-2 & Active Income (including REPS & STR Loophole)

 The #1 Strategy for Building “Tax Free” Wealth

 The Basics of Tax Deductions for Real Estate Investors

 Unlock the Power of LLCs: Key Strategies
Every Real Estate Investor Must Know

 The State of the Single Family (SFR) Market

 Unlock the Future: Thriving in Today’s Short-Term Rental (STR) Market

 Zero to Hero: A Doctor’s $300K Student Debt to Real Estate Millionaire Transformation 

 The Journey to Wealth: KPIs to Measure Your Progress

 And more!

Walk away with actionable advice to save money and protect your wealth.

  • Deductions 
  • Safe Harbors
  • ​Basic Strategies

How The Rich Use The Tax Code


Reduce Taxes on Earned Income

  • Real Estate Pro (REPS)
  •  The STR Loophole
  • And more!

The Ultimate REI Tax Strategy

  • Value-Add (BRRRR)
  •  Exit Strategy
  • ​Stepped-Up Basis

The real estate event you've been waiting for, designed to help you reduce tax, protect your assets, and build wealth.

Entity Structuring

  • LLCs 
  • ​Asset Protection

Risk Mitigation

  • ​Avoid Common Mistakes

Wealth Strategies

  • ​Wealth KPIs
  • Investing Strategies
  • ​And more!

Estate Planning 

  • Wills/Trusts
  • ​Tax Planning
  • ​Succession Planning



A stellar lineup of expert speakers who have honed their crafts.
Learn from the best and get real answers to your tax and legal questions.

Keynote Speaker

Peter Kim, MD

Brandon Hall, CPA

Dr. Jeff Anzalone

Troy Silfies, CPA

Keynote Speaker

Kathy Fettke

Ron Rohde, Esq.

Real Estate Attorney at Ronald Rohde Law

Taylor Brugna, CPA

Brian Eastman

Snr. Advisor, Safeguard Advisors

Kim Lisa Taylor, Esq.

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Ready to Build Tax Advanged Wealth?

Let us show you the way...

Past Summits 


A slam-packed inaugural event with speakers such as Bill Exeter, Jake & Gino, Dan Handford, Bill Smith, Leonard Raskin, CFP, and more!

A Glimpse at the Topics: Maximizing Rental Losses, Real Estate Syndication Structuring, Tax Efficient Exit Strategies, Tangible Property Regulations, An Overview of Cost Segregation Studies, Demystifying the Drop-and-Swap 1031 Exchange, and Raising Capital Effectively & Legally


A second year success with speakers such as J Scott, Nick and Elaine Stageberg, MD, Brandon Hall, CPA, Yonah Weiss, Thomas Castelli, CPA, Glenn Solomon, Ron Rohde, Matt Rappaport, and more!

A Glimpse at the Topics: The Power of Vertical Integration, Basics of Tax Deductions, Investing Using Self-Directed IRAs, Understanding Partnership Operating Agreements, Lease Agreements & Increasing NOI, Asset Protection for HNW, and Estate Planning Strategies


Another year of growth with speakers such as Peter Kim, MD, Henry Washington, Brian Chou, Yonah Weiss, Glenn Solomon, Kim Lisa Taylor, and more!

A Glimpse at the Topics: 5 Things to Be Aware of Before Investing in Real Estate, The Real Estate Professional Status, Real Estate Ownership Structures and Considerations, Boost Depreciation Expenses with Cost Segregation Studies, Estate Planning, Tax Issues for Limited Partners & Passive Investors, and more!

Questions and answers

Who is the summit for? 

This event is for real estate owners and small partnerships.

How will I benefit by attending?

The secrets taught at the Summit has the potential to save you money, time, and headaches, putting you on the track to build generational wealth through real estate investing. 

Where can I find the event schedule?

As the Summit gets closer, the event schedule will be released.

Is travel required? 

Travel is not required. This virtual event will be hosted on Zoom. Join us from your living room, your back porch, or your favorite coffee shop. This Summit can be climbed from the comfort of your own home. 

Are there opportunities for networking and collaboration?

Of course! The 2024 Tax, Legal, and Wealth Summit will introduce you to experienced real estate investors and industry experts as well as their resources. 

How many people will attend?

We anticipate between 1,000-2,000+ attendees!


Brian Eastman

Snr. Advisor, Safeguard Advisors

Kim Lisa Taylor, Esq.

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